Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wiley-Blackwell Library Newsletter: August 2008

Keep abreast with the latest Wiley-Blackwell developments (August, 2008):

Latest News in Select Subject Areas

* Earth and Environmental Science News:
- The Journal of Flood Risk Management is available FREE ONLINE in 2008.

* New Life Science Journals:
- The Conservation Letters, A new journal of the Society for Conservation Biology. Free access to institutions for 2008-2009
- The Evolutionary Applications, 2nd issue now published. Free access to institutions for 2008-2009
- The Microbial Biotechnology, 4th issue now published. Free access to institutions for 2008 -2009
* Physical Sciences News
- The ISI Journal Citation Report 2007 confirms Wiley-Blackwell's position as the leading publisher in the area of Polymer Science. Publishing seven of the top 25 journals in this area by ranking. Wiley-Blackwell alone publishes more than 30% of the total citations generated by the 74 titles in Polymer Science. See Highlights for Polymer Science Impact Factors
On June 30, 2008, Wiley InterScience was expanded to include all full-text journal content from Blackwell Synergy. Synergy has been shut down and Wiley InterScience is now the primary home for all Wiley-Blackwell journals.
For more information about the transition or for customer support assistance, go to: - for Librarians and Institutional Customers.
Wiley InterScience now hosts more than 3 million journal articles in over 1400 journals, and more than 6000 online books and reference works. To help you make the most of the site, take advantage of these free training resources:
* Online Tutorials
Self-paced online tutorials. The demos are listed by topic or product type for quick review of how to use our products and services.
* End User Guide
Covers the basics for finding content on Wiley InterScience and taking advantage of personalized functions.

* Journals - Wiley-Blackwell's Portfolio Now Includes over 900 Journals with Impact Factors. According to the Thomson ISI® 2007 Journal Citation Reports (released June 2008), over 900 Wiley-Blackwell journals now have Impact Factors, many showing dramatic increases across numerous of subject areas.
- In the field of chemistry, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis confirmed its number one position in the applied chemistry category for the fourth straight year; Fuel Cells received its first Impact Factor of 3.273; and for the last two years, Angewandte Chemie, a journal of the German Chemical Society, has received an Impact Factor above 10.
- In the area of life sciences, Biological Reviews increased its Impact Factor from 5.565 to 8.833; FEMS Microbiology Reviews increased its Impact Factor to 9.25; and for the fourth consecutive year Ecology Letters increased its Impact Factor—now 8.204
* Online Books - Spotlight on Chemistry books and series
Wiley InterScience now features over 1300 online books in Chemistry, covering topics ranging from biochemistry to environmental chemistry to green chemistry. Browse all Wiley InterScience Online Books in Chemistry . Wiley publishes a broad range of chemistry books, available in print or online, covering the complete spectrum of the field. From introductory works for the non-specialist, to college and graduate-level texts, all the way to advanced professional resources, Wiley chemistry books offer expertise at every level.

* Reference Works - New works and sample content

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