Friday, October 26, 2007

Landolt-Brnstein collection on SpringerLink platform

Landolt-Brnstein is a unique high-quality physics, chemistry and technology collection. Landolt-Brnstein represents all fields of Physics and boasts the most comprehensive Numerical Data in Science and Technology. H. Landolt and R. Brnstein compiled the first edition over a century ago. Six editions have been published since then; each extended to complement the original content.
Preview the Table of Contents to the most recent volume available on SpringerLink. Today the New Series comprises some 300 volumes dedicated to expanding fields of research and applications. Data seekers find that Landolt-Brnstein, found on SpringerLink platform has an amazing wealth of information that's easily searchable.
Features for Researchers
* Access to raw scientific data.
* More Linked content: Seamless integration of eBooks, online journals and eReference works on one platform.
* Unlimited access to surveys of numeric tables, graphs, data sets, phase diagrams, property tables, tables of special abbreviations and symbols that will aide in ongoing research.
* All of the organizational and research benefits of
Please note: This collection does not form part of the SpringerLink database subscription.

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