Friday, October 26, 2007

New interactive and intuitive tools encourage wider usage of ScienceDirect

More development-partner-tested features have been added to ScienceDirect. This new functionality, which is mirrored to researchers’ needs, will encourage greater use and exploitation of the wealth of information on ScienceDirect.
* The Related Articles feature automatically displays citation information and the abstract – including a link to the full text – of content relevant to the article being accessed. This improves the discoverability of information and makes it easier for users to find key information. Related Articles is enabled for every article accessed on ScienceDirect.

* To maximize search outcomes and eliminate unwanted results, the Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) spell check function has been integrated into ScienceDirect. The spell checker recognizes spelling errors using a built-in dictionary.

* As an added value to traditional abstracts, ScienceDirect is now indexing Graphical Abstracts of 30 chemistry titles. Important to chemistry researchers, Graphical Abstracts help to summarize the scope of a structure or reaction more succinctly than plain text. Graphical Abstracts will appear as the default display when browsing a table of contents from one of these journals on the journal homepage. On the search results the default display is the Article List with Full Abstracts or Graphical Abstracts as alternative display options.
Copyright permissions enabled through ScienceDirect
Subscribers can order copyright permissions directly through ScienceDirect now that Rightslink® has been selected for online copyright permissions. “Rightslink was the easy choice for improving customer responsiveness and accelerating turn-around times for copyright permissions,” said Helen Gainford, Elsevier’s Director of Global Rights, “Rightslink has a strong track record of success and we’ve been highly impressed with its ease-of-use and its ability to deliver quality customer service directly from our own content.”
New Major Reference Works available on ScienceDirect
Encyclopedia of Stress, Comprehensive Glycoscience and Treatise on Geophysics are now available on ScienceDirect.
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The Librarian comment:
The latest ScienceDirect features will definetely be beneficial to all researchers. I like the "View Related Articles" option, as will give the users access to additional useful articles. The Graphical Abstracts will be beneficials to the Chemistry users. It seems there is no list with all specific titles, but as you do search the articles with show the structure if available. Browse Tetrahedron journal on ScienceDirect, to see an example.

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