Friday, December 7, 2007

The latest from Science Online Magazine (30/11-7/12/2007)

The latest two issues of Science Online highlights:
7 December 2007Vol 318, Issue 5856, Pages 1519-1648
* Special issue: Hinode
* News of the Week: MATHEMATICS EDUCATION: U.S. Expert Panel Sees Algebra As Key to Improvements in Math; ACADEMIC FREEDOM: Thai Science Agency Clamps Down on Sensitive Research; BIOTERRORISM: Panel Provides Peer Review of Intelligence Research
* News Focus: MALARIA: Did They Really Say ... Eradication?
* Letters: Virtual Worlds, Real Healing; The Age-Old Question of Researcher Innovation
* Policy Forum: ECOLOGY: China's Forestry Reforms
* Perspectives: PHYSICS: A Whiff of Chemistry in Heavy Electron Physics; ASTRONOMY: A Texture in the Sky? PLANT SCIENCE: The Power of the Pyramid; ECOLOGY: How Do Roots Interact?
30 November 2007Vol 318, Issue 5855, Pages 1345-1482
* Special issue: The Nucleus
* News of the Week: PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: Hominid Harems: Big Males Competed for Small Australopithecine Females; SCIENCE ADVICE: Germany Finally Picks a National Science Academy
* News focus: CARBON SEQUESTRATION: Should Oceanographers Pump Iron? HIGHER EDUCATION: MIT Engineer Shakes Korean Academia to Its Core
* Policy Forum: CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate Assessment: What's Next?
* Perspectives: GEOCHEMISTRY: The Leaking Mantle; GENETICS: Paradigm for Life; CHEMISTRY: Metal-Based Therapeutics; PHYSICS: Precision Without Entanglement
* Brevia: Plants Tolerant of High Boron Levels

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