Friday, December 14, 2007

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

14 December 2007Vol 318, Issue 5857, Pages 1691-1793
* News of the Week
- SPACE SCIENCE: China's Crystal-Sharp Moon Map Sets the Internet Abuzz
- CLIMATE CHANGE: Senate Bill Would Provide Billions for Deploying Cleaner Technologies
- RESEARCH POLICY: NIH Weighs Big Changes in Peer Review
- PHYSICS: Simple Scheme Stores Light by Converting It Into Vibration and Back
- ECOLOGY: Parasites From Fish Farms Driving Wild Salmon to Extinction
* News focus
- REEFS IN TROUBLE: Spawning for a Better Life
* Perspectives
- ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: Resolving an Atmospheric Enigma
- MICROBIOLOGY: A Fifth Pathway of Carbon Fixation
- ECOLOGY: Invasion of the Whiteflies
- GEOLOGY: On the Accumulation of Mud

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