Sunday, June 1, 2008

Science in Africa: Africa's First On-line Science Magazine

Science in Africa On-line magazine has been available since 2001. Have a look at the latest issue and explore the available links from this web page.
* No. 64, May 2008 issue you can read about:
- Research identifies best drug combination for patients starting HIV therapy for the first time
- Preparing SA's farmers with a range of options to help them prepare for a water-scarce future
- With the food crunch Kenya launches massive programme to aid small scale farmers
- Undergraduate students develop 'dirt-powered' microbial fuel cells to light Africa
* This Month's (May) features are:
- An evolutionary spin on invasions
- Climate change witness
- Arctic climate change evidence
- Google climate change
* For more on Indaba Biotech go to:
* Science Books on Africa & South Africa on:
* Events: To view upcoming science events go to:
- Essential Astronomy Workshop: 19-20 June in Cape Town; 26-27 June in Johannesburg
- GLOBE Student Learning Expedition and 12th Annual Conference, 22-28 June in Cape Town
- Extremophiles 2008, 7-11 September 2008 (Extremophiles, organisms thriving in extreme environments, offer a challenge to understanding the fundamentals of molecular and cellular function, and opportunities for sustainable exploitation)
- Bio2Biz and INSITE, 15-17 September 2008. It aims to expose business and industry to international biotechnology trends and developments, while ensuring the country is in line with the international world in terms of the developments in biotechnology.
* Jobs: Looking for a science post, go to:
* Under Funding you will find information on:
- Call for research proposals
- Grants
- Postgraduate Bursaries
- Research Funding Organisations
- Funding News
* Under Organisations you will find 'Who's who' of Science Organisations and Institutes in Africa:
* You have an option to Register to keep up with the latest information from this web page.

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