Sunday, September 7, 2008

Latest in Science Online Magazine

Highlights from the latest three issues of Science Online Magazine:

5 September 2008Vol 321, Issue 5894, Pages 1268-1374 Table of Contents
- Scientific Publishing Standards
* News of the Week
- PLANT SCIENCE: China Plans $3.5 Billion GM Crops Initiative
- MATHFEST 2008: Shapeshifting Made Easy
* News Focus:
* Books:
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended August 29, 2008.
* Perspectives:
- GENETICS: Enhancing Gene Regulation
- BIOCHEMISTRY: An Enzyme Assembly Line
- MICROBIOLOGY: How to Infect a Mimivirus
- PHYSICS: An End to the Drought of Quantum Spin Liquids
* Research Article:
- The Crystal Structure of a Mammalian Fatty Acid Synthase
- Internally Generated Cell Assembly Sequences in the Rat Hippocampus

29 August 2008Vol 321, Issue 5893, Pages 1117-1256 Table of Contents
* News of the Week
- CELL BIOLOGY: Biologists Change One Cell Type Directly Into Another
- RESEARCH FUNDING: Research Downturn
- GENETICS: First Gene for Severe Dry Macular Degeneration
* Letters:
- China's Energy Policy Comes at a Price
- From Darwinism to Evolutionary Biology
* Books:
A listing of books received at Science during the week ended August 22, 2008.
* Perspectives
- PLANT SCIENCE: The "Invisible Hand" of Floral Chemistry
- BIOCHEMISTRY: Opening the Molecular Floodgates
- CHEMISTRY: A Catalytic Foothold for Fluorocarbon Reactions

22 August 2008Vol 321, Issue 5892, Pages 1016-1103, Table of Contents
* News of the Week
- GENOMICS: 'Simple' Animal's Genome Proves Unexpectedly Complex
- U.S. HIGHER EDUCATION: Departments Scramble to Find Math Education Faculty
* News Focus:
- CLIMATE SCIENCE: Turbulent Times for Climate Model
- NANOTECHNOLOGY: Can High-Speed Tests Sort Out Which Nanomaterials Are Safe?
* Books
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended August 15, 2008.
* Policy Forum:
- ECOLOGY: Toward a Global Biodiversity Observing System
* Perspectives
- CHEMISTRY: Soluble Allotropes of Main-Group Elements
- ECOLOGY: A Matter of Timing - The cues used by birds and other species to trigger reproduction determine how successfully they can respond to climate change
- PLANT SCIENCE: Using Tobacco to Treat Cancer

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