Thursday, September 18, 2008

Useful Links to Articles: Open Access, Scholarly Publishing, Institutional Repositories

Selected links to various materials received by e-mail (Aug-17 Sep 2008) from D. Nicholson, WITS, Copyright Services Librarian ( see below her e-mail, if you would like to subscribe to her e-mail alert):
Ithaka’s 2008 report on its 2006 faculty and librarian surveys

Open Access: Institutional Repositories
Publishers allowing the depositing of their published version/PDF in Institutional Repositories
3 Articles on IR's in Developing Countries
Open Access Repositories begin to reap benefits for South African Science as CSIR research goes global:
Seven Academic Open-Access Repositories Compared
LabMeeting: a scientist’s answer to an institutional repository?
Many publishers do allow authors to deposit their works in institutional repositories. See: Sherpa/Romeo
Director of Open Access Repositories

Open Access: Science/ Education/ Research
Open Access – What is it?
Open Access in South Africa
Open Educational Resources
Open Access and Science
Are Online and Free Online Access Broadening or Narrowing Research?
Research funders’ open access policies
Open Access: Good for Business!
Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (free resource)
Science Dissemination using Open Access (free to download)
Max Planck Society - Scientists Publish at PloS - Free of charge for their institutes
Out in the Open: Some MIT Scientists Sharing Results, Posting Unpublished Data
Science Dissemination Using Open Access (free downloadable book)
How open access is your research area? (revisited)
Microsoft Research Unveils Free Software Tools to Help Scholars and Reseachers Share Knowledge

Open Access: Scholarly Publishing/Peer Reviewing/Commons
Data Sharing and the Digital Science Commons
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
Who Profits when you Publish?
The Impact of Digitizing Special Collections on Teaching and Scholarship
Best Practices for Access to Images: Recommendations for Scholarly Use and Publishing
CreateChange – Digital Scholarship
Bringing down the barriers (digital scholarship)
Peer reviewing: privilege and responsibility
Researchers benefit from Sharing
Open Source approach to textbook publishing
ThoughtMesh: an Innovative Scholarly Publishing and Discovery Model
Funding for Open Access Publishing (one way of addressing OA publishing)

Open Access: Authorship/Copyright
Authorship: why not just toss a coin?
Open Access anxiety in the publish or perish world
Authors’ rights'_rights
Canadian Association of University Teachers advises Authors to retain Copyright

Search Engines/ Directories/ References/ Databases
World Wide Web Reference
Student Research Resources
Quick Reference Research
CompletePlanet (Deep Web Directory)
The Web: How we use it.
National Center for Biotechnology Information – Public Databases
Life Sciences Search Engine
Biodiversity Heritage Library
Science Portal (Open Access - 90% of items not accessible on Google)
Biodiversity Heritage Library (Open Access)
The Digital Doorway (South Africa)

Open Access: Journals
Directory of Open Access Journal growth rate nearly doubles in the past year
Make China journals open access, says top scientist
Support for Open Access Journals

Searching Patents
WIPO Patentscope
European Patent Office
Google Patents
Patent Information in Brief

If you know of any persons who may benefit from this information, please ask them to email with their name, name of institution/organization and contact details.

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