Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online!
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Only this site contains Darwin's complete publications, 20,000 private papers, the largest Darwin bibliography, manuscript catalogue and hundreds of supplementary works: specimens, biographies, obituaries, reviews, reference works and much more.

For decades available only to scholars at Cambridge University Library, the private papers of Charles Darwin, one of the most influential scientists in history, can now be seen by anyone online and FREE of charge.
The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online (or Darwin Online) began in 2002 to assemble in one scholarly website all of Darwin's published writings and unpublished papers. Read MORE.....
This is the largest ever publication of Darwin papers and manuscripts, totalling about 20,000 items in over 100,000 electronic images. Charles Darwin's private papers and handwritten manuscripts are preserved in public institutions and private collections around the world. The online images are mostly scans from copies of early black and white microfilms produced by the Cambridge University Library Imaging Service, mostly in the 1990s.
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