Thursday, April 2, 2009

Want research summaries by experts? Look to SciTopics

SciTopics is a free expert-generated knowledge-sharing service for the scientific community. Developed (by Elsevier) to serve as an information and collaboration service for researchers, SciTopics offers authors a dynamic, quick, informal yet authoritative online publication platform.
Following an extensive trial period, scientific researchers, editors and authors can now quickly and efficiently find science-specific, trustworthy and up-to-date information from experts by consulting one single website, thanks to SciTopics.

Each SciTopics page features a summary, created by an invited author considered an expert on a specific scientific, technical or medical topic. In addition to a summary, each page includes references and links provided by the author as well as automatically generated links, including the Most Recent and Most Cited Articles from Scopus, plus relevant results on the Web and news results via Scirus.
Scirus is Elsevier's free, science-specific search engine. Scirus allows you to search for peer-reviewed journal articles, books, patents, theses and dissertations, and scientific web pages e.g university sites, scientists' homepages.
Scirus News indexes scientific news from established news sites, such as the BBC, CNN, Eurekalert, Nasa, New Scientist, NY Times, Reuters, USA Today, Wired, Nature, etc. The news index is updated several times per day, and results are deleted from the news index once they are 30 days old.

SciTopics allows scientists to locate authoritative and dynamic information on scientific topics and to network and find potential collaborators for future research projects.
For authors invited to create summaries, SciTopics provides an additional channel by which to publish their research and further enhance their reputations.
Finally, editors can use SciTopics to locate reputable reviewers and authors for their journals.

SciTopics guarantees high scientific standards due to a very strict editorial policy safeguarded by subject-specific editors.
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What else should you know:
  • You can Register: As a member you are able to comment on SciTopics pages. In the near future you will be able to sign up for a particular SciTopics page of your interest in order to follow it closely and engage in scientific discussions
  • You can request to become an author
  • Each topic has a summary, further reading references, selected links, recent & most cited articles, Scirus web search results, latest news, useful keywords and related pages (SciTopics). Once registered you can leave a comment.
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