Sunday, February 10, 2008

Electronic Books @ UJ Library

It seems we always pay more attention to the electronic journals available through the Library databases, and forget that we also subscribe to a number of electronic books. The e-books relevant to the Sciences are:
Reference E-Books:
* AccessScience - McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
* Combined Chemical Dictionary: Search through all these dictionaries: Dictionary of Organic Compounds; Dictionary of Natural Products; Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds; Dictionary of Pharmacological Agents; Dictionary of Analytical Reagents.
* Encyclopedia of Energy: Environmental issues, Global issues, Nuclear power, Renewable & Alternative sources, Sustainable Development, Policy issues, etc.
* Oxford English Dictionary
* Oxford Reference Online
- Biological Sciences: Dictionary of Animal Behaviour, Dictionary of Biology, Dictionary of Genetics, Dictionary of Plant Sciences, Dictionary of Zoology, New Encyclopedia of Birds, Encyclopedia of Underwater Life, Dictionary of Scientists
- Computing: A Dictionary of Computing, A Dictionary of Internet, A Dictionary of Weights, Measures and Units
- Earth and Environmental Sciences: A Dictionary of Earth Sciences, The Oxford Companion to the Earth, A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation, A Dictionary of Geography, The Oxford Companion to the Garden, A Dictionary of Weather
- Natural History: The Encyclopedia of Mammals
- Physical Sciences & Mathematics: A Dictionary of Astronomy, A Dictionary of Chemistry, The Concised Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics, A Dictionary of Physics, A Dictionary of Space Exploration, A Dictionary of Statistics
Electronic books:
* SAFARI Books Online: Full-text subscription to over 300 Computer Science e-books. The books can be re-selected on regular basis. The subjects covered are: Applied Sciences; Artificial Intellegence, Computer Science, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction, Hadware, Software, Programming, Internet/Online, etc.
* REFEREX: The Library subscribes to "Electronics & Electical" and " Mechanical & Material" books. The following topics/books can be useful to Sciences: Applied Mathematics (7); Computer Networks & Communications (34), Communications & Signal Processing (32), Software (26), Atomic and Molecular physics, and Optics (15), Electical Power & Distribution (11), Computer Graphics & Computer-Aided Design (10), Energy Engineering & PowerTechnology (9), Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (7), Information Systems (6), Computer Interfacing (6), Computer Science Applications (5), Computational Applications and Mathematics (5), Environmental Engineering (8), Environmental Sciences (7), Management of Technology & Innovation (5), etc.
* Engineering Digital Library: McGraw-Hill Engineering Online (NEW in 2008). It features 209 titles. Search per Topics, Sections or Keywords. Some of the topics relevant to Sciences are:
- Bio Engineering: Bioinformatics, BioMed Instrumentation & Devices, Bioprocessing, Biotechnology (Bio-Optics, Robotics), Environmental (Erosion Control, Waste Treatment, Water Resource Management)
- Chemical Engineering: Catalyst & Reactions, Chem Plant Engineering & Equipment, Fluid & Particle Dynamics, General Chemical Engineering (Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, Physical & Chemical data, Thermodynamics), Process Chemistry & Technology, Transport Processes (Energy & Heat transfer, Energy Balance Flows)
- Communication Engineering: Networking and Broadband, Optical Communication, Telephony, VoIP, Wireless.
- Electrical Engineering: Circuits, Electromagnetics, Optics, Power & Electricity (Batteries, Power generation, Renewable Power Sources)
- Engineering Maths & Science: Calculus, Eng. Maths basics, Mathematical Theories, Numerical Methods, Statistical Methods.
- Environmental engineering: Atmospheric Resource Mgmt, Environmental Planning & Mgmt (Bio-monitoring, Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment), Hydrology & Water Resources (Wastewater Mgmt, Water Quality Mgmt, Groundwater modeling), Land Resource Mgmt (Land use, Soil & Water Conservation, Wildlife Monitoring & Preservation), Legislation & Regulation (Air, Solid waste, Water), The Built Environment (Sustainable Development, Impact on Climate & Ecology, Energy in BE), Waste Mgmt (Recycling, Solid Waste disposal, Toxic Waste)
- Material Science & Engineering: Physics/Chemistry of Materials
* CRC EngNetBase: Engineering e- handbooks:
- CivilEngineeringNetBase
- Electrical EngineeringNetBase: Power Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Image Analysis, Computer-aided power systems, Emerging Communication Technologies, MATLAB simulations, MEMS handbook, Optical Imaging, Power transformers, Wireless Internet
- Mechanical EngineeringNetBase: Advanced Mathematics, Air Pollution control technology, Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Fluid Dynamics, Renewable Resources & Renewable Energy
- TellecomunicationsNetBase: Modern tellecomunications, Internet Security, etc.
It seems a lot of the Engineering collections contained very useful books for the Sciences Departments. Make use of them and advise your students also to read them online. All books are available 24/7.
This blog provides direct access to these e-books.

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