Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

Have a quick look at the latest two issues of Science Online Magazine, which were published on 15th & 22nd of February 2008. Please note, that I select only some of the titles. Click on the links to access the UJ full-text issues.
22 February 2008Vol 319, Issue 5866, Pages 1005-1123
* News of the Week
- SCHOLARLY PUBLISHING: Harvard Faculty Votes to Make Open Access Its Default Mode
- ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: Lawmakers Claim Great Lakes Report Was 'Suppressed'
- AIDS RESEARCH: Microbicide Fails to Protect Against HIV
- SPECIES CONSERVATION: Tigers in Decline, Indian Survey Finds
- AAAS ANNUAL MEETING: How Human Intelligence Evolved--Is It Science or 'Paleofantasy'?
* News Focus
- EDUCATION: A New Bottom Line For School Science
- EVOLUTION: Crossing the Divide
- GEOLOGY: Japan's Ocean Drilling Vessel Debuts to Rave Reviews
* Letters
- The Legitimacy of Genetic Ancestry Tests
- Soil Erosion: A Carbon Sink or Source?
* Perspectives
- CANCER: A Skin Cancer Virus?
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: The Cutting Edge of Plasma Etching
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Bioinspired Structural Materials
* Brevia
- Juvenile Hormone Regulates Butterfly Larval Pattern Switches
* Reports
- Bioinspired Design and Assembly of Platelet Reinforced Polymer Films
- Atomic-Scale Chemical Imaging of Composition and Bonding by Aberration-Corrected Microscopy
- Extending Earthquakes' Reach Through Cascading
- Human-Induced Changes in the Hydrology of the Western United States
* Technical Comments
- Comment on "International Conservation Policy Delivers Benefits for Birds in Europe"
15 February 2008Vol 319, Issue 5865, Pages 873-969
* News of the Week
- ASTRONOMY: Alien Planetary System Looks a Lot Like Home
- ECOLOGY: Senate Bill Would Scale Up Forest Restoration
- GLOBAL WARMING: Another Side to the Climate-Cloud Conundrum Finally Revealed
* News Focus
- ENDANGERED SPECIES: Wolves at the Door of a More Dangerous World
- CHEMISTRY: Framework Materials Grab CO2 and Researchers' Attention
- DRUG-RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS: In South Africa, XDR TB and HIV Prove a Deadly Combination
- DRUG-RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS: Research Project Mimics TB Transmission
- JOINT MATHEMATICS MEETING: Number Theorists' Big Cover-Up Proves Harder Than It Looks
* Letters
- Climate Change: A Titanic Challenge
- A Nobel Lesson: The Grant Behind the Prize
- Making Sense of Scrambled Genomes
* Policy Forum
- TOXICOLOGY: Transforming Environmental Health Protection
* Perspectives
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Making Strong Fibers
- ECOLOGY: Green with Complexity
* Reports
- Electron-Driven Acid-Base Chemistry: Proton Transfer from Hydrogen Chloride to Ammonia
- Rogue Mantle Helium and Neon
- A Global Map of Human Impact on Marine Ecosystems
- Effects of Predator Hunting Mode on Grassland Ecosystem Function
- The Critical Importance of Retrieval for Learning
* Technical Comments
- Comment on "The Latitudinal Gradient in Recent Speciation and Extinction Rates of Birds and Mammals"

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