Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

Have a quick look at the latest two issues of Science Online Magazine, which were published on 1st & 8th of February 2008. Click on the links to access the UJ full-text issues.
8 February 2008, Topic: "Cities", Vol. 319 (#5864) Pages 681-860
This special issue is dedicated to "Cities":
- Reimagining Cities
* News:
- China's Living Laboratory in Urbanization
- Durban's Poor Get Water Services Long Denied
- Pipe Dreams Come True
- Rebuilt From Ruins, a Water Utility Turns Clean and Pure
- Living in the Danger Zone
- Unclogging Urban Arteries
- Imagining a City Where (Electrical) Resistance Is Futile
- Money--With Strings--to Fight Poverty
* Perspectives:
- The Urban Transformation of the Developing World
- Health and Urban Living
- The Size, Scale, and Shape of Cities
* Reviews:
- Global Change and the Ecology of Cities
- Urbanization and the Wealth of Nations
* News of the Week:
- AFRICA: Kenyan Scientists Endure Violent Unrest, University Closings
- BIOCHEMISTRY: Lifting the Veil on Traditional Chinese Medicine
* News focus:
- U.S. BUDGET 2009: A Science Budget of Choices and Chances
- SOLAR ENERGY: Can the Upstarts Top Silicon?
- WILDLIFE BIOLOGY: Berkeley Hyenas Face an Uncertain Future
* Policy Forum:
- SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Climate Change--the Chinese Challenge
* Perspectives:
- GENETICS: Dwarfism, Where Pericentrin Gains Stature
- IMMUNOLOGY: The Right Resident Bugs
- CHEMISTRY: Taking a Selective Bite Out of Methane
1 February 2008Vol. 319 (#5863) Pages 545-738
* News of the Week:
- ENERGY RESEARCH: DOE's Disappointing Budget Makes It Harder to Stick to the Basics
- CHEMISTRY: DNA Assembles Materials From the Ground Up
- DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY: Aging of the Ovary Linked to PTEN Pathway
* News Focus:
- CELL Biology
- CLIMATE CHANGE: The Big Thaw Reaches Mongolia's Pristine North
* Policy Forum:
- CLIMATE CHANGE: Stationarity Is Dead: Whither Water Management?
* Perspectives:
- IMMUNOLOGY: The Toll of Cathepsin K Deficiency
- MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: The Art of Assembly
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Glass Surfaces Not So Glassy
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Nanowires in Nanoelectronics
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Toward Flexible Batteries
- CLIMATE: Food Security Under Climate Change
- PHYSICS: Amplifying a Tiny Optical Effect

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