Saturday, February 2, 2008

Library trainings for the Sciences Departments at APK

The following library trainings were sheduled for February for the Faculty of Science students (P.Kovatcheva, :
4th Feb, 8.30-10.00h, Zoology, Masters (3)
5th Feb, 14.00-15.30h, Parasitology, 2nd year
5th Feb, 15.30-16.20h, IT, 2nd year
5th Feb, 16.30-17.20h, IT, 2nd year
6th Feb, 9.30-11.00h, Biochemistry, 2nd year
7th Feb, 9.30-11.00h, Biochemistry, 2nd year
7th Feb, 14.30-15.20h, IT, 3rd year
7th Feb, 14.30-15.20h, IT, 3rd year
9th Feb, 9.00-12.00, Geography, Masters
11th Feb, 11.30-12.55h, Geology, 3rd year
11th Feb, 15.30-17.30h, Geography, Honours
12th Feb, 9.00-11.00h, Zoology, Honours
13th Feb, 13.00-15.00h, Physics, 3rd year + Honours
20th Feb, 15.30-16.30h, IT, Honours
20th Feb, 16.35-17.35h, IT, Honours
19th, 25th & 26th Feb, 15.30-16.30h - Geography, SET 1st year visit time
For 1st year students, the Library provides four training courses during February & March:
* How to use UJ Library Catalogue;
* How to find information;
* How to search Full-text databases;
* How to search Bibliographic database
Time: 8.30-9.30h; 10.30-11.30h; 14.00-15.00h daily.
Booking: At the entrance of the APK Library entrance
Please, advice your 1st year students to attend these trainings at times, which accomodates them.
All trainings will be held at Library computer room (SSIT), Level 1.

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