Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

Have a quick look at the latest 14th of March issue of Science Online Magazine, Please note, that I select only some of the titles. Click on the links to access the UJ full-text issues.
14 March 2008Vol 319, Issue 5869, Pages 1453-1551 (Click on the TITLE for full-text)
* News of the Week
- SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT: Two Papers From Korean Lab Found to Lack 'Scientific Truth'
- DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY: Proposed Frog Ban Makes a Splash
- EDUCATION: Spanish Scientists Question Accreditation Plan
- INNOVATION: U.K.'s Royal Society Ventures Into Funding Start-Up Companies
* News Focus
- AGRICULTURE: Dueling Visions for a Hungry World
- COMPUTER SCIENCE: Cryptologists Cook Up Some Hash for New 'Bake-Off'
- COMPUTER SCIENCE: Hash of the Future?
* Letters
- Going Public with the Scientific Process
* Books et al.
- COMMUNICATING SCIENCE: Fresh Renderings of Physics
- MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: On Ends and Means
* Perspectives
- PLANETARY SCIENCE: Observing Our Origins
- SYSTEMS BIOLOGY: Customized Signaling Circuits
- PHYSICS: This Coincidence Cannot Be Accidental
* Brevia
- Predators Induce Cloning in Echinoderm Larvae
* Reports
- Energy Gaps and Kohn Anomalies in Elemental Superconductors
- The Chlorine Isotope Composition of Earth's Mantle
- Caribbean Reef Development Was Independent of Coral Diversity over 28 Million Years

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