Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UKSG Serials E-News

Reading through the latest two issue of UKSG Serials E-news, I have found number of news, which could be of interest to you. Especially I found interesting, that Ebsco offers a free bibliographic database, GreenFILE which can be searched through EbscoHost. Other free database through EbscoHost is Teacher Reference Center. Read also about the Open Science Directory, which utilises EBSCO's A-to-Z locator product to provide access to useful scientific information needed in many of the world's developing nations. It offers immediate access to approximately 13,000 scientific journal titles, with an objective of 20,000 titles midway through development.

Issue: No. 166, 21 March 2008
* Thomson Scientific names 'hottest' researchers and papers of 2006-2007: Thomson Scientific has announced the results of its annual roundup of the "hottest" researchers and research papers. In the March/April issue of Science Watch Thomson Scientific identifies the top ten authors who fielded the highest number of Hot Papers in 2006-2007.
* Wiley-VCH launches the Journal of Biophotonics: Wiley-VCH has announced the launch of the Journal of Biophotonics, the first international scientific journal for the publication of reviews and original articles devoted to the field of biophotonics. he Journal of Biophotonics is interdisciplinary in scope, covering the broad range of biophotonics research including laser physics, medical applications, spectroscopic methods, and microbiological research. In addition, the journal is the first to publish original articles from the field and will serve as an important platform for reviews. The first issue is now online.
Issue: No. 165, 7 March 2008
* Will social collaboration undermine scholarly publishing? "Social collaboration, otherwise known as Web 2.0, is dominating presentations being given at recent leading publisher conferences and meetings. This might be an indicator that social collaboration may be seen by some to be undermining scholarly publishing." David Brown, of SCR Publishing, looks at the perceived threat of social networking to academic publishing.
* EBSCO, IOC and Hasselt University to create Open Science Directory: EBSCO has recently joined forces with Hasselt University Library, Belgium, and the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange programme of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO to develop a global Open Science Directory which is available via the Internet at no charge. The Open Science Directory provides developing regions with a comprehensive search tool for all open access and special programme journal titles.
the Open Science Directory offers immediate access to approximately 13,000 scientific journal titles, with an objective of 20,000 titles midway through development.
* Thomson Scientific publishes 2008 Patent Focus Report: Thomson Scientific has published its 2008 Patent Focus Report. This report explores recent activities at each of the world's major patenting authorities - the USA, Europe, Japan, China and India. The report is available free.
* EBSCO resources: EBSCO has recently announced the release of a new bibliographic database, GreenFILE. The GreenFILE, a bibliographic database of information about environmental concerns, is being made freely available. Global warming, energy conservation, natural resources, and pollution are important issues, and there is a growing awareness that the way people treat the environment today will have far-reaching effects in the future. GreenFILE allows anyone on the Web to access information about these important topics and many more. GreenFILE is available on EBSCOhost.
* Thomson Scientific product news: Thomson Scientific makes additions to Thomson Innovation and launches ScienceWatch. ScienceWatch.com, a free, open web resource for science metrics and analysis, was recently launched by Thomson Scientific. ScienceWatch.com combines the newest Science Watch newsletter material and regularly updated data, analysis, interviews, and commentary that had been previously found in In-Cites and ESI Special Topics. The website provides the scientific community with a location for keeping up with the latest developments in science.
* Scholarly Research Exchange: New OA journal employs transparent peer review: Hindawi Publishing Corporation has launched Scholarly Research Exchange, an open access journal that will publish original research articles in all areas of science, technology, and medicine. Scholarly Research Exchange will use a transparent peer review system in which authors and reviewers interact directly throughout the peer review process. Scholarly Research Exchange is hosted on a custom built online platform facilitating the journal's interactive editorial system.

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