Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wiley-Blackwell @ UJ Library

Mathew Crook from Wiley-Blackwell visited the UJ Library on 3rd of March. We discussed the current BlackwellSynergy subscription, the upcoming integrated platform for Wiley & Blackwell titles and the available e-books collections. I have look at the Wiley InterScience web site and added some useful links.

1. BlackwellSynergy & Wiley InterScience Journals Collections

- During 2008 these two collections are still separate (pricing, licensing, and access options).
- In July 2008, BlackwellSynergy will be integrated into Wiley InterScience for 6 months. We will have the opportunity to search both databases, but full-text access to the journals is only for BlackwellSynergy journals.
- Trial to Wiley InterScience will be arranged for a month during May/June for UJ user to get acquainted with the platform.
- As from 2009 there will be one portfolio subscription and one unified platform to search. The new platform will have the best features of the former two.
- The BlackwellSynergy journals are available full-text as from 1997+
- Full-text access to Blackwell Synergy is available through the Library Databases
- If we would like to subscribe to the Wiley journals, the current licensing agreement will be: Current print Wiley journals price + flat rate of $ 10,000 + e-access.
Here is an overview of the online journals offered by Wiley-Blackwell in 2008:
* Journals on Wiley InterScience
- 472 total journals
- 9 new journals
- 7 transfers from other publishers
- 16 offering opt-in access
- 6 ending opt-in access period
- 3 ceasing publication
The new journals are self sustainable. They are excluded from the current subscriptions. They are available for FREE in their 1st year of publication. View the 2007 & 2008 Wiley new journals on:
Wiley InterScience: BackFile journal Collections:

* Journals on Blackwell Synergy
- 927 total journals
- 797 journals included in the licensed Blackwell Full Collection
- 424 journals in the Blackwell STM Collection
- 373 journals in the Blackwell SSH Collection
- 15 new journals offering free access for their first year
- 56 transfers from other publishers
- 5 transferring to other publishers

2. E-Books ( :
In a previous post dated 23rd of February, I have mentioned that Wiley InterScience will reach the mark of 5000 e-books. Approximately 1500 books from the former Blackwell Publishing will be incorporated. The Purchasing options are:
- for individual titles
- purchase in bulk
There will be: flexi subscriptions (pay for 3 years) and once off payment. Price will be based on hard cover. Restriction: 1st time e-books customers will need to purchase 20 or more books. Number of discounts are available.

NEW! Wiley Books Series (21 series – 750 volumes)

Wiley InterScience: Current Protocols Online: Current Protocols contains the largest collection of authoritative, peer-reviewed, regularly-updated research methods and topical overviews available. The library has in print “ Current Protocols in Cell Biology”. Electronic access will be more convenient to access as we experience problem with preserving the print.

Wiley InterScience: Reference Works: View the available reference works per subject area.

Wiley InterScience: Author Resources: Guidelines for submitting Journal articles or Books

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