Friday, November 9, 2007

Climate: SA 'not bothered'

Some of the research findings on how South Africans feel about the Climate Change & Global Warming were published in News24 on 9/11/07.
Cape Town - Only a third of adults living in South Africa's metro areas feel that climate change or global warming will affect them. This is one of the findings of a study conducted in September by South Africa's leading marketing and social insights company, TNS Research Surveys. The company interviewed 2 000 adults in all seven of South Africa's major metropolitan areas in a study that looked at how people feel about climate change, their use of key resources and what their carbon footprint is.
Most people put issues such as crime, HIV/Aids, corruption, poverty and unemployment, and poor service and housing delivery higher in importance than climate change.
Read the full article from News24:,,2-13-1443_2217656,00.html OR click on the TITLE above.

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