Friday, November 2, 2007

This Week in Science Online

Volume 318, Number 5851, Issue of 2 November 2007
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* News of the Week: Climate change; Natural Disasters, Medicine; AIDS Research; History of Science
* New Focus: SCIENCE AND COMMERCE: Who Owns Glycobiology?; NUCLEAR PHYSICS: A Lab to Get the Measure of Matter; IMMUNOLOGY: Testing the Line Between Too Much and Too Little; ECOLOGY: Do Wandering Albatrosses Care About Math?
* Policy Forum: Disaster Management: confronting Disaster loses
* Perspectives: DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY: Acceptable nAGging; CHEMISTRY: No Protection Required; PHYSICS: A New State of Quantum Matter; ASTRONOMY: Mining for the Ephemeral
* Research Articles
- Quantum Spin Hall Insulator State in HgTe Quantum Wells
- Molecular Basis for the Nerve Dependence of Limb Regeneration in an Adult Vertebrate
* Reports
* Technical comments

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