Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Environment Research Letters: ERL

Environment Research Letters is an open-access journal for Environmental Science. At the end of October 2007, ERL celebrated it's 1st birthday. Some of the articles published through 2007 were:
Vol.2, no.4, October-December 2007
* Strategic GHG reduction through the use of ground source heat pump technology: Higher energy prices and concern about climate change is drawing increasing attention to ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems
The focus of this issue is on Environmental Health and Justice Internationally.
* Environmental justice: a critical issue for all environmental scientists everywhere; Environmental justice in Scotland: policy, pedagogy and praxis; Exploring the joint effect of atmospheric pollution and socioeconomic status on selected health outcomes: an overview of the PAISARC project; Environmental justice and the distributional deficit in policy appraisal in the UK; The dilemma of contact: voluntary isolation and the impacts of gas exploitation on health and rights in the Kugapakori Nahua Reserve, Peruvian Amazon
Vol.2, no.3, July-September 2007
* Critical technical areas for future improvement in bio diesel technologies; The risk of surprise in energy technology costs; Limitations of science and adapting to Nature; Relaxed eddy accumulation measurements of ammonia, nitric acid, sulfur dioxide and particulate sulfate dry deposition near Tampa, FL, USA; Global multi-decadal ocean climate and small-pelagic fish population; Will dry events occur more often in Hungary in the future?The water intensity of the transitional hydrogen economy.
Vol.2, no.2, April-June 2007
* Life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas emission impacts of different corn ethanol plant types; Scientific reticence and sea level rise; Reconsidering 'appropriate technology': the effects of operating conditions on the bacterial removal performance of two household drinking-water filter systems; The regrets of procrastination in climate policy.
Vol.2, no.1, January-March 2007
* On the verge of dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system? Climate change, bio fuels, and global food security; Allowable CO2 concentrations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a function of the climate sensitivity probability distribution function; Global scale climate–crop yield relationships and the impacts of recent warming; How hybrid-electric vehicles are different from conventional vehicles: the effect of weight and power on fuel consumption
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