Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Week in Science Online

Volume 318, Number 5852, Issue of 9 November 2007
What is interesting to read:
News of the Week:
* ASTROPHYSICS: Universe's Highest-Energy Particles Traced Back to Other Galaxies
* TUBERCULOSIS: Few Mutations Divide Some Drug-Resistant TB Strains
* SCIENCE IN CHINA: Max Planck's Asian Venture Rethinks Its Agenda
* EVOLUTIONARY GENOMICS: Fruit Fly Blitz Shows the Power of Comparative Genomics
New Focus:
* MICHAEL WALKER: Seeking Nature's Inner Compass
* MICHAEL WALKER: A Home for Maori Science
* PLANETARY SCIENCE: Majority Rules in Finding a Path for the Next Mars Rover
* GENETICS: Who's the Queen? Ask the Genes (Biologists are finding that in some social insects nature...)
Policy Forum:
* ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Rethinking Desalinated Water Quality and Agriculture
* CHEMISTRY: Enhancing Colloids Through the Surface
* COMPUTER SCIENCE: Is There Progress on Talking Sensibly to Machines?
* A Cretaceous Hoofed Mammal from India
Research Articles:
* Correlation of the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays with Nearby Extragalactic Objects
* IRE1 Signaling Affects Cell Fate During the Unfolded Protein Response
.... and much more for you to read.

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