Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week in Science Online Magazine

16 November 2007,Vol 318, Issue 5853, Pages 1033-1164
* Special issue: Robotics
* This Week in Science: Editor summary of this week papers:
* News of the Week
- AIDS RESEARCH: Did Merck's Failed HIV Vaccine Cause Harm?
- EPIDEMIOLOGY: Privacy Policies Take a Toll on Research, Survey Finds
- ENVIRONMENT: Panel Calls for Pilot Program for National Indicators
- SCIENTIFIC WORK FORCE: New Analysis Questions Push for More Degrees
- CLIMATE CHANGE: Scientists Say Continued Warming Warrants Closer Look at Drastic Fixes
* News Focus
- SCIENTIFIC FACILITIES: Oceanography's Third Wave
- PUBLIC HEALTH: In the HIV Era, an Old TB Vaccine Causes New Problems
* Letters
- The Carbon Benefits of Fuels and Forests
* Policy Forum
- PUBLIC HEALTH: Biobanks in Developing Countries: Needs and Feasibility
* Perspectives
- PHYSICS: When Oxides Meet Face to Face
- GENETICS: Widespread Monoallelic Expression
* Brevia
- Hurricane Katrina's Carbon Footprint on U.S. Gulf Coast Forests
* Research Articles
- Orbital Reconstruction and Covalent Bonding at an Oxide Interface
* Reports
- Generation and Photonic Guidance of Multi-Octave Optical-Frequency Combs
- Three-Dimensional Splay Fault Geometry and Implications for Tsunami Generation
- Rise and Fall of Species Occupancy in Cenozoic Fossil Mollusks
- Melatonin Suppresses Nighttime Memory Formation in Zebrafish
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