Sunday, January 27, 2008

The latest from Science Online Magazine

Have a quick look at the latest two issues of Science Online Magazine, which were published on 18th & 25th of January 2008. Click on the links to access the UJ full-text access.

25 January 2008, Vol 319, Issue 5862, Pages 381-499:
* News of the Week
- GERMANY: Max Planck Accused of Hobbling Universities
- SCIENCE STATISTICS: Got Data Questions? NSF's Indicators Has (Most of) the Answers
- ASTROPHYSICS: "Little" Cosmic Ray Observatory Aims to Make a Big Mark
- GEOCHEMISTRY: Where Has All the Stardust Gone?
* News focus
- GEOLOGY: A Time War Over the Period We Live In
- HUMAN EVOLUTION: Why We're Different: Probing the Gap Between Apes and Humans
* Perspectives
- SYSTEMS BIOLOGY: Enlightening Rhythms
- GEOCHEMISTRY: The Rise and Fall of a Great Idea
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Structural Nanocomposites

18 January 2008Vol 319, Issue 5861, Pages 243-368
* News of the Week
- SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING: Uncle Sam's Biomedical Archive Wants Your Papers
- REMOTE SENSING: Satellite Company Offers Earth-Observing Researchers a Ride
- ASTRONOMY: New Dark-Matter Map Reveals Where Galaxies Gambol
* Letters
- Putting a Human Face on Energy Usage
* Policy Forum
- ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Aging Infrastructure and Ecosystem Restoration
- ECOLOGY: Managing Coastal Wetlands
- GEOLOGY: Dreams of Natural Streams
- PHYSICS: Probing Quantum Magnetism with Cold Atoms
* Reports
- Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management with Nonlinear Ecological Functions and Values

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