Saturday, January 26, 2008

Institute of Physics: Librarian Insider

In the latest December 2007 issue, you will find the following information:
* Things you need to know right now: The Astronomical Journal publishes its first issue with IOP in January 2008;
* News: New look for IoP. Some improvements to the website were made
* Did you know? NEW! IOPscience … always more to discover. IoP introduces their new platform for electronic journal content, IOPscience. Some of the features are:
- Related Articles: A ‘Related Articles' tab has been added to every abstract page in IOPscience.
- Content Finder: The introduction of the ‘Content Finder’ allows you to go straight to a specific article in the service.
- Saved Searches: Personalization features have been enhanced, with the inclusion of a brand new tab called ‘My IOPscience’.
- Most cited: The IOPscience homepage, and all journal homepages, now show the 5 most cited articles
- Enhanced PDFs: All PDFs downloaded from IOPscience now include an interactive coversheet, allowing you to link back to IOPscience at any time.
IOPscience provides site-wide access to content from 1874 to the present day, and is available by electronically license. IoP want to give every customer cost-effective access to IOP content, through our tailored pricing model, which is based on a number of factors including the size of relevant research at your institution and your geographic location.
P.S. Trial can be arranged for UJ. Please let me know if you are interested. Click on the TITLE to view the Newsletter

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