Monday, January 14, 2008

Nature Magazine: Latest issues

Look at the first two issues topics of Nature Magazine

Volume 451 Number 7175, 10 January 2008
* News: India aims for 'quantum jump' in science; Could global gardening fix climate change?; Fears for oldest human footprints; Software magnates give $30 million to telescope; National Academies updates book on evolution
* News Features: Conservation: Providential outcome; Cell biology: Bacteria's new bones;
* Correspondence: Conservation: academics should 'conserve or perish'; Frog transparency led to discovery of melatonin
* News & Views: Molecular biology: RNA rules; Materials science: Desperately seeking silicon; Conservation biology: Cats, rats and seabirds; Stem cells: A new year and a new era; Physics: The force of fluctuations; Quantum mechanics: Evolution stopped in its tracks

Volume 451 Number 7174, 3 January 2008
* Editorial: Think about it (Reliable policy research is an underrated planning tool in developing countries..)
* News: Budget blow to US science; Airgun ban halts seismic tests; Free journal-ranking tool enters citation market;
* News Features: Geology: The next land rush
* News & Views: Magnetism: Freedom for the poles; Aquaculture: The price of lice; Carbon cycle: Sources, sinks and seasons; Optics: Watch your back; Astronomy: Extrasolar planets
* Letters: Net carbon dioxide losses of northern ecosystems in response to autumn warming; Vertical structure of recent Arctic warming;

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