Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The World Resources 2005 - The Wealth of the Poor: Managing ecosystems to fight poverty

The latest 2005 edition of World Resources book is available online (Click on the TITLE for access). The book can be useful as reference source for UJ students and academics. See below a short Table of Content:
Part 1: The Wealth of the Poor
* Chapter 1: Nature, Power and Poverty
* Chapter 2: Ecosystems and the Livelihoods of the poor
* Chapter 3: The role of governance
* Chapter 4: Four steps to greater environmental income
* Chapter 5: Turning natural assets into wealth: Case Studies ( NATURE IN LOCAL HANDS: The Case for Namibia’s Conservancies; Regenerating Woodlands: Tanzania's HASHI Project)
* Special section - Global development policies: Making MDGs and PRSPs work for the poor and the environment
Part 2: Data Tables (The World Resources 2005 data tables present information for 155 countries). The following statistics are available: Population & Education; Human Health; Gender & Development; Income & Poverty; Economics & Financial Flows; Institutions & Governance; Energy; Climate & Atmosphere; Water Resources & Fisheries; Biodiversity; Land Use & Human Settlements; Food & Agriculture.
Other direct link is available under "E-books" on the left side of this blog.

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