Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

Have a quick look at the last three issues of Science Magazine, which were published lately. Click on the links to access the UJ full-text access to these and many more articles.
Vol. 319, no. 5860, 11 January 2008
* News of the Week: VIROLOGY: HIV Gets By With a Lot of Help From Human Host; GEOPHYSICS: Daggers Are Drawn Over Revived Cosmic Ray-Climate Link ; PALEOCLIMATE: More Climate Wackiness in the Cretaceous Supergreenhouse? REGULATORY POLICY: Panel: EPA Proposal for Air Pollution Short on Science; ECOLOGY: The Importance of Being Eaten; ENVIRONMENT: Marine Mammals Still Imperiled After Sonar Ruling
* News Focus: CHINESE UNIVERSITIES: Gunning for the Ivy League; CHINESE UNIVERSITIES: Engineers Aim for a Quality Boost; VALÉRIE PÉCRESSE INTERVIEW: After Initial Reforms, French Minister Promises More Changes; AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION MEETING: Getting a Quick Read on the Biggest Tsunami Earthquakes; AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION MEETING: Climate Tipping Points Come In From the Cold; CANCER IMMUNOLOGY: Cancer's Bulwark Against Immune Attack: MDS Cells
* Letters: Fighting Algae in Kaneohe Bay;
* Policy Forum: ENVIRONMENT: Ocean Iron Fertilization--Moving Forward in a Sea of Uncertainty
* Perspectives: BIOCHEMISTRY: Dicey Assemblies; GEOPHYSICS: What Triggers Tremor?; CHEMISTRY: Not So Simple
* Review: Climate Change, Deforestation, and the Fate of the Amazon
* Technical Comment: Comment on "The Southern Ocean Biological Response to Aeolian Iron Deposition" ; Response to Comment on "The Southern Ocean Biological Response to Aeolian Iron Deposition"
Vol. 319, no. 5859, 4 January 2008
Special issue: Cosmic Web
* News of the Week: GENETICS: The Elusive ALS Genes; PLANETARY SCIENCE: Saturn's Rings Look Ancient Again;
* News Focus: SCIENCE POLICY: Science and the Next U.S. President
* Letters: In Search of Peer Reviewers; A Peer Review How-To; Climate Change Goals: Where to Begin?
* Perspectives: CHEMISTRY: Beyond Born-Oppenheimer; CHEMISTRY: A Phase Transition Hidden in Higher Dimensions; ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: How Green Are Biofuels?
Vol. 318, no. 5858, 21 December 2007
* Breakthrough of the Year News: Human Genetic Variation; It's All About Me (personal genomics); The Runners-Up (advances in cellular and structural biology, astrophysics, physics, immunology, synthetic chemistry, neuroscience, and computer science); Global Warming, Hotter Than Ever; Areas to Watch (Science's editors will be watching Europe's Large Hadron Collider, microRNAs, humanmade microbes, paleogenomics, multiferroics, the human microbiome, and neural circuits in 2008)
* News of the Week: RESEARCH FUNDING: U.K. Cutbacks Rattle Physics, Astronomy; AIDS RESEARCH: Trials of NIH's AIDS Vaccine Get a Yellow Light; MICROBIOLOGY: Detoxifying Enzyme Helps Animals Stomach Bacteria; EVOLUTION: Did an Asteroid Shower Kick-Start the Great Diversification? UNIVERSITIES: Questions Swirl Around Kessler's Abrupt Dismissal From UCSF
* News Focus: SCIENCE AND THE PUBLIC: Animal Extremists Get Personal; CLIMATE CHANGE: Global Warming Coming Home to Roost in the American West; INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Chikungunya: No Longer a Third World Disease;
* Educaion Forum: MENTORING: Linking Student Interests to Science Curricula

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