Saturday, April 12, 2008

EbscoHost 2.0: New interface comming in July 2008

This post is just an alert about the upcoming next generation EbscoHost user interface in July 2008. According to information from their website the new interface is " based upon results gathered from extensive user testing. EBSCOhost 2.0 offers a clean new look and feel, for a technologically sophisticated, yet familiar search experience, with the built-in flexibility to provide individual user customization options".
Click on the post TITLE for details and screen shots on the functionality of the redesign. Click on any of the icons and see what is coming soon:
- Basic Search Screen 2.0
- Advanced Search Screen 2.0
- Result List 2.0
- Branding 2.0
- My EbscoHost 2.0
- Image Quick View 2.0
- Visual Search 2.0
- Improved Bibliographic Functionality
Click on the link to view the new User Guide and relevant FAQ:

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