Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

The latest from Science Online Magazine: 18 April 2008, Vol 320, Issue 5874, Pages 285-389
* Editorial:
- New Career Paths for Scientists
* News of the week:
- CLIMATE CHANGE: IPCC Tunes Up for Its Next Report Aiming for Better, Timely Results
- GLACIOLOGY: Greenland Ice Slipping Away but Not All That Quickly
- SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING: Croatian Editors Fight With Medical School Over Journal's Fate
- REGULATORY SCIENCE: Changes to EPA Toxicology--Speed or Delay?
* News Focus:
- ENERGY: The Greening of Synfuels
- OCEANOGRAPHY: Watery Echoes Give Clues to the Past and Future of the Seas
- VIROLOGY: Mapmaker for the World of Influenza
- CONDENSED-MATTER PHYSICS: The Mad Dash to Make Light Crystals
* Letters:
- Coral Adaptation in the Face of Climate Change
- Freshwater Forcing: Will History Repeat Itself?
* Books:
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended April 18, 2008.
* Policy Forum:
- ECOLOGY: Agriculture at a Crossroads
* Perspectives:
- MATHEMATICS: Frustration in Complexity
- GEOSCIENCE: Natural Complexity
- APPLIED PHYSICS: Graphene Nanoelectronics
- CELL SIGNALING: Wnt Moves Beyond the Canon
- MUSIC THEORY: Geometrical Music Theory
* Brevia:
- The Movement of Aquatic Mercury Through Terrestrial Food Webs
* Research Article:
- Phytoplankton Calcification in a High-CO2 World
* Reports:
- Chaotic Dirac Billiard in Graphene Quantum Dots
- The Chemical Genomic Portrait of Yeast: Uncovering a Phenotype for All Genes

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