Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

Have a quick look at the latest two issues of Science Online Magazine. Please note, that I select some of the titles only. Click on the TITLE link to access the UJ full-text issues.
28 March 2008Vol 319, Issue 5871, Pages 1715-1882 : Special Issue: Gene Regulation
* News
- MicroRNAs Make Big Impression in Disease After Disease
* Perspectives
- Multilevel Regulation of Gene Expression by MicroRNAs
- Gene Regulation in the Third Dimension
* News of the Week
- GLOBAL CHANGE: Roads, Ports, Rails Aren't Ready for Changing Climate, Says Report
- CLIMATE CHANGE: Study Fingers Soot as a Major Player in Global Warming
- BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY: Smart Birds Lend a Beak for Food
- ACADEMIC RESEARCH: Saudi Start-Up Hopes Grants Will Buy Time
* News Focus
- ENERGY: Weighing the Climate Risks of an Untapped Fossil Fuel
- LUNAR AND PLANETARY SCIENCE CONFERENCE: Cooking Up the Solar System From the Right Ingredients
- LUNAR AND PLANETARY SCIENCE CONFERENCE: New Piece of the Solar System Puzzle Fits In
* Policy Forum
- PLANETARY SCIENCE: The Planet Debate Continues
* Perspectives
- MATERIALS SCIENCE: Multitasking in Tissues and Materials
- PHYSICS: A Milestone in Time Keeping
- ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: Recording Earth's Vital Signs
- BIOCHEMISTRY: A Postgenomic Visual Icon
* Reports
- Magnetar-Like Emission from the Young Pulsar in Kes 75
- Self-Assembly of Large and Small Molecules into Hierarchically Ordered Sacs and Membranes
- Rule Learning by Rats
21 March 2008,Vol 319, Issue 5870, Pages 1585-1696
* News of the Week
- DNA DATA: Proposal to 'Wikify' GenBank Meets Stiff Resistance
- BIOMEDICAL PATENTS: Wisconsin Stem Cell Patents Upheld
- ECOLOGY: Showdown Looms Over a Biological Treasure Trove
* News Focus
- RINDERPEST: Driven to Extinction
- STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Protein Structure Initiative: Phase 3 or Phase Out
- STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Researchers Hone Their Homology Tools
* Books et al.
- PALEONTOLOGY: Rise and Demise of Ghostly Animals
* Perspectives
- ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY: Rethinking Ozone Production
- GEOCHEMISTRY: Are Volcanic Gases Serial Killers?
* Reviews
- Nanominerals, Mineral Nanoparticles, and Earth Systems

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