Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leading Science Journals ToC

If you have not had time to look at the latest content of the leading science journals, these are some quick links to view the latest issues:

Nature (
Some papers of interest in the latest (10 April) issue are:
- Advanced biofuels face an uncertain future
- Cleaning up the final phase of the fossil-fuel industry
- New Spring Books:
- Brave new bioethics
- Biology from the bottom up
- Atmospheric chemistry: Are plant emissions green?
- Immunology: Blood lines redrawn
- Quantum physics: Observations turn up the heat
- Cell biology: Porter and sorter
- Cell biology: SUMO
- Atmospheric oxidation capacity sustained by a tropical forest
- SAR11 marine bacteria require exogenous reduced sulphur for growth
- A plant pathogen virulence factor inhibits the eukaryotic proteasome by a novel mechanism
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New Scientist (
Some papers of interest in the latest (12 April) issue are:
- Ocean biodiversity: Depths of ignorance
- The great antimatter mystery
- Melting ice caps may trigger more volcanic eruptions
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American Scientist (
Some papers of interest in the latest May-June issue are:
- Twisting Light to Trap Atoms
- Winners and Losers in the Animal-Research War
- A Market for Basic Science?
- All book reviews for this issue
In the March-April issue are featured:
- Tectonic Plates Come Apart at the Seams
- Computing Science: Computational Photography
- All book reviews for this issue
In Jan-Feb issued are featured:
- The Phenotypic Plasticity of Death Valley's Pupfish
- The Past and Future of the Periodic Table
- Computing Science: Accidental Algorithms
- Solar Energy's Red Queen

Proceedings of the National Academy of Aciences: PNAS (
In the latest (8 April) issue the following articles could be of interest:
- Atmospheric consequences of nuclear exchange
- New biomarker for type 1 diabetes
- Another HIV escape path
- Hepatitis C peptide blocks HIV
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Electronic Journal of Science Education ( Open Access Journal):
In the latest issue, Vol.11, no.2, 2007 this article could be of interest:
- Creating Constructivist Physics for Introductory University Classes
In Vol.11, no.1, 2006 this article could be of interest:
- The Suitability of External Control-Groups for Empirical Control Purposes:
a Cautionary Story in Science Education Research (gene technology lab)

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