Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chemspider: Chemical Search Engine

I have found about this product through the Nature issue dated 8/05/08.
This New Chemical Search Engine can be accessed @ http://www.chemspider.com/
According to their web page:
ChemSpider is a free access service providing a structure centric community for chemists. Providing access to millions of chemical structures and integration to a multitude of other online services ChemSpider is the richest single source of structure-based chemistry information.
It has been built with the intention of aggregating and indexing chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository and make it available to everybody, at no charge.
ChemSpider is a value-added offering of publicly available chemical structures since many additional properties have been added to each of the chemical structures. We intend ChemSpider to offer the fastest chemical structure searches available online and delivered with the flexibility and usability necessary to encourage repeat usage. A quick browse of the manual will help understand how ChemSpider can be of value.

With ChemSpider the intention is to aggregate into a single database all chemical structures available within open access and commercial databases and to provide the necessary pointers from the ChemSpider search engine to the information of interest. This service will allow users to either access the data immediately via open access links or have the information necessary to continue their searches into commercially available systems.
ChemSpider was released in March of 2007. At present the database contains information from such diverse sources as a marine natural products database, from all commercially available ACD/Labs databases, from the EPA’s DSSTox efforts and from a series of chemical vendors. The data collections will continue to expand.

Click on ChemRef to search through the following literature sources:
- International Journal of Electrochemical Science
- Association of Clinical Biochemists of India
- Molecular Diversity Preservation International
- PubMed Central
- Hindawi Publishing Corporation
- International Union of Crystallography
- Medknow Publications
- RepositoriUM

Click on Search to have different search options:
- Simple search: Systematic Name, Synonym, Trade Name,Registry Number
- Structure search
- LASSO search: A new 3D ligand activity surfaced-based similarity tool from SImBioSys gives users the power to quickly screen large datasets for structurally diverse active molecules
- Advanced LASSO
- Chemical elements
- Properties search
- Predicted properties
- Data Source search
- Literature source (see ChemRef)
- PubChem search
- Advanced search
- Searches history

Have a look at this search engine, and explore all the possibilities that offers
Useful reading, the article publish in Nature, 7th May 2008:

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