Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

Look at the latest two issues from Science Online Magazine. Don't forget that you have a full-text access to these articles:
16 May 2008, Vol 320, Issue 5878, Pages 845-954
* News of the Week
- LATIN AMERICA: Price Is the Main Barrier to Wider Use of Papillomavirus Vaccine
- ITALY: A Plea for 'Transparent' Funding
A furor over political meddling in grants for stem cell research in Italy has erupted into a broad protest about favoritism and the lack of peer review in deciding who receives national science funding.
* News Focus
- ENTOMOLOGY: A Mosquito Goes Global
- PLANETARY SCIENCE: Layers Within Layers Hint at a Wobbly Martian Climate
- CHEMISTRY: Click Chemistry Clicks Along
Researchers seeking new ways to forge molecules are saving steps and effort by adapting high-yield reactions to fill a variety of needs.
- PHYSICS: The Hot Question: How New Are the New Superconductors?
* Letters
- Financing Tropical Forest Preservation
* Books et al.
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended May 9, 2008.
* Perspectives
- CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS: Integrating Circadian Timekeeping with Cellular Physiology
- PLANT SCIENCE: Plant Stress Profiles
- CHEMISTRY: The Changing Shapes of Molecules
- GEOCHEMISTRY: The Origin of Alkaline Lavas
- CHEMISTRY: To Be or Not to Be Localized
The hole created by emission of a core electron in a diatomic molecule resides in an entangled state.
- BIOPHYSICS: The Intrigue of the Interface
* Brevia
- The Energetic Cost of Climbing in Primates
* Reports
- Measuring Picosecond Isomerization Kinetics via Broadband Microwave Spectroscopy
- Genome-Scale Proteomics Reveals Arabidopsis thaliana Gene Models and Proteome Dynamics
- Early Forebrain Wiring: Genetic Dissection Using Conditional Celsr3 Mutant Mice
* Technical Comments:
- Comment on "Habitat Split and the Global Decline of Amphibians"
- Response to Comment on "Habitat Split and the Global Decline of Amphibians"
9 May 2008, Vol 320, Issue 5877, Pages 713-815
* News of the Week
- GENOMICS: Genome Speaks to Transitional Nature of Monotremes
* News Focus
- CONSERVATION BIOLOGY: Into the Wild: Reintroduced Animals Face Daunting Odds
* Books et al.
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended May 2, 2008.
* Policy Forum
- PUBLIC HEALTH: Reassessing HIV Prevention
* Perspectives
- PHYSICS: Designer Atomic Nuclei
- ECOLOGY: How the Sahara Became Dry
- AIDS/HIV: A STEP into Darkness or Light?
- BIOCHEMISTRY: Tinkering with Acellular Division
- BIOGEOCHEMISTRY: News About Nitrogen
* Reviews
- Toward an AIDS Vaccine
* Research Article
- Climate-Driven Ecosystem Succession in the Sahara: The Past 6000 Years
A climate record from lake sediments in Chad shows that the Sahara changed gradually from a tropical ecosystem to a desert, not abruptly as implied by Atlantic dust layers
* Reports
- Controlled Phase Shifts with a Single Quantum Dot
- Fracture Propagation to the Base of the Greenland Ice Sheet During Supraglacial Lake Drainage
- Monte Verde: Seaweed, Food, Medicine, and the Peopling of South America
- Adaptive Phenotypic Plasticity in Response to Climate Change in a Wild Bird Population
- Regulation of the Cellular Heat Shock Response in Caenorhabditis elegans by Thermosensory Neurons

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