Friday, May 9, 2008

Open Access Journals Collection (Beta): South African Journals

Open Access Journals Collection (Beta)

Welcome to the beta version of Sabinet's Full Open Access Journal Collection.

The collection currently comprises 44 South African journals, which may be searched individually, and provides immediate access to the PDF versions of 6 000+ full-text articles.

Of the journals in the collection, 14 appear on the Approved South African Journals list, the ISI list, or the IBSS list. New journal titles and issues are added to the collection on an ongoing basis. Some journals also contain metadata records (including abstracts) for older articles where full text is not available.

Publishers who would like to make their journals available as Open Access journals, are welcome to
contact us. We would also value any feedback on the Sabinet Full Open Access Journal Collection.

Some useful journals for Sciences are:
All these OPEN ACCESS journals are already available to UJ through SA E-Publications database.

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