Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Open Source PDF Creator

PDF Creator: Instead of paying for a program that can generate PDF files: use this convenient tool instead. It easily creates PDFs from any Windows program ( Power Points, Publisher, Word, etc.)
I have found this Open Source PDF Creator on Monday and decided to download it. I always have the need to convert documents in PDF and every time I run to our IT for assistance. But, now I can do it myself and it very convenient to have it.
To download start with the following steps:
* Click on the "green" Download PDF Creator
* Scroll down the page and Click on: Download (PDF Creator - Dec 2007 release)
* Then select the file to download from the Table
Once downloaded the PDF Creator will appear as a PRINT option. Once you click on PRINT (the original document), select "PDF Creator" option to convert the document in PDF. It will ask you to save the new document and then the conversion will start. It tooks seconds for the document to be converted. It is very easily done and will save you a lot of memory space, if your document is originally big.
I hope this will be a good solution to those who do not have PDF option on their computers.

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