Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Latest from Science Online Magazine

The latest from Science Online Magazine:
2 May 2008Vol 320, Issue 5876, Pages 569-700: Table of Contents
* News of the Week
- ENDANGERED SPECIES: Spotted Owl Recovery Plan Flawed, Review Panel Finds
- GLOBAL WARMING: Mother Nature Cools the Greenhouse, but Hotter Times Still Lie Ahead
- PALEOECOLOGY: Fossils Help Figure Out Food Webs Old and New
* News Focus
- NEIL TUROK PROFILE: Wishing for an African Einstein
- NEIL TUROK PROFILE: An African Showcase for Math Studies
* Books
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended April 25, 2008
* Policy Forum
- ECONOMICS: Linking Natural Resources to Slow Growth and More Conflict
* Immunology
- IMMUNOLOGY: How Frustration Leads to Inflammation
- CHEMISTRY: Synchronized Self-Assembly
- ECOLOGY: How Reefs Respond to Mass Coral Spawning
- PHYSICS: A Unified Picture of Laser Physics
- MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: The Paradox of Silent Heterochromatin
* Review
- Structure and Dynamics of Earth's Lower Mantle
* Reports
- Strong Interactions in Multimode Random Lasers
- Silica-on-Silicon Waveguide Quantum Circuits
- Marine Polyphosphate: A Key Player in Geologic Phosphorus Sequestration
- Expanding Oxygen-Minimum Zones in the Tropical Oceans
- In Vivo Imaging of Membrane-Associated Glycans in Developing Zebrafish
- A Haptoglobin-Hemoglobin Receptor Conveys Innate Immunity to Trypanosoma brucei in Humans. A lipoprotein in human blood protects against an African parasite by binding to a parasite receptor and triggering uptake of the lipoprotein, which contains a toxic component

25 April 2008Vol 320, Issue 5875, Pages 421-551, Special Issue: Plant Genomes
Table of Contents
* News
- GM Crops: A World View
- Tough Lessons From Golden Rice
- Is the Drought Over for Pharming?
- Sowing the Seeds for High-Energy Plants
* Perspectives
- Genome-Enabled Approaches Shed New Light on Plant Metabolism
- Genomic Plasticity and the Diversity of Polyploid Plants
- Selection on Major Components of Angiosperm Genomes
- Synteny and Collinearity in Plant Genomes
- The Epigenetic Landscape of Plants
- Extending Genomics to Natural Communities and Ecosystems
- From Genotype to Phenotype: Systems Biology Meets Natural Variation
* News of the Week
- CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS: New Superconductors Propel Chinese Physicists to Forefront
- GEOCHEMISTRY: Two Geologic Clocks Finally Keeping the Same Time
* News Focus
- CONSERVATION BIOLOGY: A Renowned Field Station Rises From the Ashes
* Books
- A listing of books received at Science during the week ended April 18, 2008
* Policy Forum
- ECOLOGY: Harvesting Data from Genetically Engineered Crops
* Education Forum
- LEARNING THEORY: The Advantage of Abstract Examples in Learning Math
* Perspectives
- PLANETARY SCIENCE: Identifying Ancient Asteroids
- CELL BIOLOGY: A One-Sided Signal
- CLIMATE CHANGE: Carbon Crucible
- CELL BIOLOGY: RNA Metabolism and Oncogenesis
* Research Article
- Synchronizing Rock Clocks of Earth History

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